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Becoming a ProTune ECU Remapping Agent

Get involved in a specialist industry and build a profitable business or add to your existing business. Our existing network of remapping agents (Agent Locator) is growing daily and due to high demand we are actively seeking remapping agents across key areas of the UK. You'll become part of a team with extensive knowledge of reading, remapping and writing maps. Our network is open to a variety of applicants including:

There is a high demand for remapping, so becoming an agent can bring great rewards. This is a genuine opportunity to set up your own business or add to your existing services and work with some of the best remappers within the UK. Please ensure that you have a genuine interest in remapping and the automotive industry.

For more information, call John on 07960 754467 or email along with your name, contact number, location and brief summary of your auto experience and John will call you back within 24hrs.


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