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ROVER Remapping and ECU Chip Tuning

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ROVER ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning Results

Car Model - Engine PowerOriginalProtuneOriginalProtune
Rover 220 SD 105105 HP135 HP210 NM260 NM
Rover 25 2.0 TD 100100 HP130 HP245 NM300 NM
Rover 420 SDi 105105 HP135 HP210 NM265 NM
Rover 45 2.0 TD 101101 HP128 HP240 NM305 NM
Rover 620 SDI 105105 HP134 HP210 NM260 NM
Rover 75 1.8T 150150 HP185 HP215 NM260 NM
Rover 75 2.0 CDT 115115 HP152 HP260 NM330 NM
Rover 75 CDTi 130130 HP165 HP300 NM370 NM
Rover MG ZR TD 115115 HP143 HP260 NM310 NM
Rover MG ZT 1.8i 160160 HP198 HP215 NM255 NM
Rover MG ZT 2.5 V6 190190 HP207 HP210 NM235 NM
Rover MG ZT CDTI 135plus131131 HP156 HP265 NM290 NM

ROVER Series