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JEEP Remapping and ECU Chip Tuning

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JEEP ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning Results

Car Model - Engine PowerOriginalProtuneOriginalProtune
Jeep Cherokee 2.5 CRD 143143 HP173 HP343 NM398 NM
Jeep Cherokee 2.5 TD 115115 HP142 HP278 NM317 NM
Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD 150150 HP175 HP360 NM410 NM
Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRDI 163163 HP191 HP400 NM455 NM
Jeep Commander 3.0 V6 CRD 218218 HP253 HP510 NM580 NM
Jeep Compass 2.0 CRD 120120 HP152 HP310 NM380 NM
Jeep Compass 2.0 CRD 140140 HP173 HP310 NM380 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 CRDI 143143 HP177 HP343 NM387 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 TD 115 (plus97)115 HP142 HP300 NM339 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CDI 163163 HP198 HP400 NM470 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.8 CRD 150150 HP180 HP360 NM413 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD 218218 HP253 HP510 NM580 NM
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1 DCI 140140 HP165 HP384 NM440 NM
Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD 120120 HP153 HP310 NM382 NM
Jeep Wrangler 2.8 CRD 177177 HP209 HP410 NM470 NM

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